Physical Impact personal training

Physical Impact personal approach to 121 training ensures you will have a bespoke program to suit your needs. This is achieved through an initial consultation to identify the goals you want to achieve. We use a variety of activities to ensure you are challenged whilst having fun.

Our services include writing out a diet plan that works for you alongside your training programme.

Our personal trainers’ have been achieving amazing results for our clients who come from a range of back grounds, including world class athletes to those individuals looking to build confidence and lose weight.

We specialise in the following

Weight loss

Building self confidence

Self defence

Improved flexibility

Strengthen and conditioning

Benefits of personal training with our team

1: Guaranteed personal attention. No distractions you will have the undivided attention of our trainers who work on achieving your targets.

2: Time Saver. No waiting around to use equipment or avoiding busy times. You will have exclusive use of the centre for your time slot.

3: flexible time slots. We offer personal training across early mornings/day time/evening time.

4: The sessions can be from 30 minutes/ 1hour/ 1.5 hours, most popular choice is 1 hour sessions but this is catered to what the client wants

5: personalised nutritional plans to support your training

6: Privacy and comfort. Our centre is open to everyone regardless of ability we have a welcoming and friendly team of trainers who will put you at ease.